UOL BoaCompra empowering Gaming merchants to expand into Mexico

SAO PAULO | UOL BoaCompra launches into Mexico - considered one the forerunners in the emerging market games space - enabling international game companies to access a rapidly growing online population in Mexico. UOL BoaCompra now offers 10 new additional local payment methods including the company’s own currency, BoaCompra GOLD.

Mexican video game market

Valued at more than $1.2 Billion USD, the Mexican video game market is now the most important component of the entertainment industry, with sales greater than movies and music combined. Additionally, Mexico’s internet penetration rate has grown to 45 percent of the total population; demonstrating remarkable improvement and room for further growth in e-commerce. However, a staggering 87 percent of those online do not have access to international credit cards to make purchases online, as Mexico is still a cash-based market.

Monetizing online games with UOL BoaCompra

UOL BoaCompra currently works with more than 170 game developers and publishers to monetize their games throughout emerging markets in Latin America, southern Europe and Turkey. The company’s latest full-service payments launch into Mexico comes off the heels of the company’s expansion into Colombia and Peru and is part of a greater development to provide the first Latin American e-wallet and payment solution for gamers.

UOL BoaCompra, and a complete solution for game developers and publishers looking to bring their titles to the region. UOL BoaCompra’s portfolio of localized payment options, including the most widely used cash-based methods such as Todito Cash and OXXO, will allow gamers to use their preferred payment method with the greatest accessibility and ease.


“Mexico is a fascinating market right now. With a 30 percent growth rate on average and the highest consumption per capita in Latin America, it is largely untapped and not targeted by the giants of the game industry,” said Fernando Estevez Vazquez, former PayPal employee and Head of International Payments & Strategy at UOL BoaCompra.

“The vast potential of Mexico’s current video game market provides compelling evidence for bringing foreign games to Mexico. This is a great opportunity for our partners to leverage our local expertise and start investing in this huge market, and for gamers in Mexico to finally be able to make purchases using the local payment methods available in their country,” said Marden Silveira Neubert, Executive Director at UOL BoaCompra.

UOL BoaCompra

UOL BoaCompra specializes in monetizing online games while offering and servicing more than 3,000 games across multiple platforms in Latin America, Portugal, Spain and Turkey. As part of Brazil's largest internet company and content portal, UOL, BoaCompra's game portals aggregate more than 1.2 billion page views per month and the company offers its own currency in more than 120,000 POS across LATAM. Several of the largest gaming companies including Valve, EA, Ubisoft, Axeso5, Bigpoint, SmileGate and Aeria Games partner with UOL BoaCompra to bring their games to emerging markets. For more information visit UOL Boacompra's profile on About-Payments, their website and blog.

Sourced from UOL BoaCompra, Press Release, September 3rd, 2014

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