Mollie simplifies Credit Card Acceptance

AMSTERDAM | Payment Service Provider Mollie in the Netherlands announced today the launch of its new service simplifying the process for merchants to start accepting credit cards online.

One-Stop-Shop for Credit Card Acceptance

Mollie's online retailers and businesses can start accepting card payments by contracting directly with Mollie. There is no need for merchants to enter separately into agreement with a card acquirer for the acceptance of MasterCard or Visa card payments. Mollie will process the merchant application and ensure the merchant is activated and settled.

Mollie Credit Card Rates

Mollie stated their credit card tariffs on their website. Merchants would pay 2.8% commission and 0,25 eurocents per credit card transaction. There will be no set-up or monthly fees charged. For more information and rates, please visit their website (in Dutch).


Credit Card to follow Bitcoin Acceptance

In May this year Mollie already announced it added Bitcoin acceptance to its offering of online payment methods. This addition allows its online merchants to start accepting Bitcoins without the need for further integration. Read full article here.

Sourced from Mollie, September 9th, 2014

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