Pay.On integrates with Amazon Payments

Germany-based payment transactions processor Pay.On has signed an agreement with Amazon Payments to provide its customers with the latter’s services.

As part of the agreement, Amazon Payments will connect to the Pay.On gateway PayPipe and will integrate with Pay.On platform, dubbed the Pay Sourcing. The two systems will allow payment service providers to gain access to a network of connectors and payment schemes worldwide via one interface. Additionally, Amazon Payments will now be available to various payment service providers and their merchants.

Via Amazon Payments consumers can send and receive payments for goods or services by using the payment methods already associated with their accounts. By integrating with Amazon Payments, Pay.On customers will also gain access to protection against fraud-related chargebacks.

Pay.On serves payment service providers, payment scheme suppliers, acquirers and risk management providers. PAY.ON services are based on a modular platform for global payment outsourcing Pay Sourcing and on PayPipe, an online gateway for global payment routing.

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