Optimal Payments’ NETBANX gateway to support Apple Pay

NEW YORK | Optimal Payments will launch an iOS software development kit (SDK) for Apple Pay allowing developers, merchants, and partners to add Apple Pay In-App Purchase as an accepted payment option through its NETBANX gateway.

Apple Pay Checkouts

Apple Pay provides a secure method to accept payments from customers through the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, for contactless and in-App checkouts.

The in-App purchase payments are expected to represent the largest share of Apple Pay transactions at the early start. Especially now the iPad Air 2 and the iPad mini 3 will also support Apple Pay checkouts it might be that in-app payments will generate the largest trunk of Apple Pay payments.

In-App businesses who have already committed to Apple Pay include Groupon, Staples, Target, Uber. Needless to say and more than obvious, however still extremely important in terms of getting traction and providing consumer confidence when buying with Apple Pay, Apple themselves will integrate Apple Pay into their paid services like iTunes.

Apple Pay

Optimal Payments’ NETBANX gateway

Merchants processing Apple Pay transactions through Optimal Payments’ NETBANX gateway will benefit from the added security of credit card processing with Apple Pay and network-level tokenization. All Apple Pay transactions will be processed seamlessly with other payment options, and data will be consolidated and reported through the NETBANX® back office.

Optimal Payments Developer Centre

Once it is launched, developers will be able to access the easy-to-implement iOS SDK, and all the tools they need, directly from the Optimal Payments Developer Centre. Furthermore, Optimal Payments’ iOS SDK will support merchants and developers with a single point of integration for future regions as Apple Pay is rolled out globally.

Apple Pay in-App Merchants

Reduce friction

“Mobile commerce continues to accelerate exponentially,” said Danny Chazonoff, chief operating officer, Optimal Payments. “Being able to offer Apple Pay supports our strategy of providing merchants and consumers with innovative payment options that reduce friction and provide an enhanced shopping experience, using the most secure payment technologies available.”


 Sourced from Press Release Optimal Payments, October 28th, 2014
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