Google retires Google Wallet for Digital Goods Purchases

UNITED STATES | Google announces it will stop its Google Wallet service for the purchase of digital goods by March 2nd, 2015. That can be derived from the Google Wallet website.

As a rationale, Google states that it has to do with the maturity of the market and the number of alternative payment solutions to choose from. Their initial idea about Google Wallet was to make buying and selling simpler. 

What this means for merchants

Google will be retiring the Google Wallet for digital goods API on March 2, 2015. Until then merchants can still process Google Wallet payments. After that merchants should remove the integration and use their own payment processing. Merchants are advised to seek for an alternative solution in time and remove calls to the Google Wallet API.

Merchants will still be able to access their Google Wallet back office (the Google Wallet Merchant Center) for the processing of refunds, payouts and reporting. For more information how to remove the Google Wallet integration code click here.

Google Wallet Users

Google states that it will not pro-actively notify its Google Wallet buyers. They will get 404 errors upon checking out with Google Wallet for digital goods if merchants do not remove your integration before March 2, 2015. They emphasise on the fact that merchants should seek for alternate solutions in time to guarantee the right user payment experience to buyers.

Subscription based Merchants Impacted

Merchants with recurring payments (subscriptions for digital services) faces additional challenges as the recurring charges to their Google Wallet buyers will also be stopped as of the aforementioned date. Google recommends merchants - when seeking for alternative payment solution - to first evaluate the merchant's buyers’ preferences on payment types, supported buyer countries, merchants fees, and support for recurring payments and/or instalments. Merchants themselves should communicate with their subscribers to sign up for the recurring payment service via the new payment processor. For more information we refer to the Google Wallet for Developers website.

Google Play Developers

Businesses selling apps on the Google Play Store or processing in-app payments through Google Wallet will continue to be supported. These businesses / developers will be able to access their Google Wallet Merchant Center as normal at From the foregoing it is not completely clear whether the cancellation does impact Google Wallet in-app payments and payments for the purchase of physical goods.


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