Google whitelists AcceptEmail

NETHERLANDS | Google has whitelisted AcceptEmail for action buttons in both Gmail and Google’s new inbox. Now bill receivers can initiate the payment directly from their mail overview without having to open the mail first. AcceptEmail is now amongst Amazon, Spotify and Airbnb who are also authorised by Google to use these instant action buttons.


AcceptEmail allows online merchants and businesses to get paid through the use of 'email payments'. AcceptEmail clients can send their electronic invoices directly into the inbox of their shopper or buyer, and include a payment button for instant payment. AcceptEmails can be paid with a wide range of online payment methods such as debit cards, credit cards, internet banking, e-wallets and PayPal. Click here for the full list of payment methods supported.

Optimizing conversion for AcceptEmail payments

The key to successful deployment of AcceptEmail for billers is threefold. AcceptEmails have to arrive undamaged in the right inbox, be perfectly readable in all email clients and on every device,  and be opened, read and paid by the recipient to the biller. AcceptEmail has now made a great leap forward by simplifying email payments for Gmail and Google mail. With so-called Google Actions they are now able to offer billers a better visibility of AcceptEmails, pay instantly from the email overview list thereby increasing conversion rates and optimising the user payment experience. 


Whitelisted by Google

The Google Action buttons make the user experience easier, quicker and smoother. They help to create order and relevance in the constant flow of messages that are posted to mailboxes every day. The most important element of the AcceptEmail – the payment button to the transaction page – is already shown in the list of messages in the mailbox. From this email list Gmail users can initiate the payment immediately.

How it works

Suppose that ‘Pay now’ is the text on the call to action button. Upon arrival of an AcceptEmail in Gmail the link to the transaction page appears automatically. Receivers can click on the ‘Pay now’ button, select their preferred payment method and make a frictionless payment.



Sourced from AcceptEmail blog, December 3rd, 2014

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