Buckaroo adds AfterPay

NETHERLANDS | Buckaroo - Payment Service Provider based in the Netherlands - adds AfterPay to its payment method offering. AfterPay allows online shoppers to shop first and buy later. AfterPay is one of the most popular 'Pay-After-Delivery' online payment solutions in the Netherland and Belgium. 



AfterPay - founded in 2010 - is currently accepted in over 3.500 webshops and expanding their acceptance footprint in the Benelux and abroad. As more and more online shoppers tend to buy first and pay later, it seems AfterPay is well-positioned for future growth. Especially in markets where online shoppers feel less confident in shopping online, pay-after-delivery payment solutions like AfterPay can help e-commerce to flourish and online retailers to grow business.

Trend: see first, pay later

However, also in more mature markets like the Netherlands, AfterPay sees a clear trend that many shoppers like to receive goods first and pay later. It minimises their risk of losing money for goods they might not receive, receive defective or for goods that are not the ones they thought to have ordered online. Online merchants can rely on AfterPay as they assume the risk of non-payment by the shopper - so merchants will be paid by AfterPay for orders processed.

In 2014 over 1.5 million Dutch shoppers have at least used AfterPay once as their checkout method. "We see that consumers more and more tend to pay only after receipt of the goods due to its simplicity, security and payment conditions offered by AterPay" says Stefan van den Berg, CEO and Founder of AfterPay. Consumers buying online with AfterPay do not need to have creditcards or 'one-time-code generators' at hand to complete online bank transfers or card payments. Especially on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets the simplicity of checking out, is assumed to be enhance the checkout experience for consumers and to drive conversion and sales for merchants.

AfterPay Integration

Through a simple integration, Buckaroo is now able to offer their 4.500 merchants the ability to accept AfterPay payments. Buckaroo already allows merchants to accept iDEAL, Giropay, PayPal, bank transfers, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Bancontact/ Mister Cash, PayperEmail and gift cards. Buckaroo has been incorporated by Intrim Justitia Group in 2012 - active in 20 countries and market leader in credit management services.


Sourced from Press Release by Buckaroo, December 3rd, 2014

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