Spotify adds paysafecard

LONDON | paysafecard has teamed up with Spotify. All users of the music streaming service who upgrade from Spotify Free to a Spotify Premium account can now pay for their packages with paysafecard. paysafecard is the first prepaid payment provider who is offering this service to Spotify users.


Preferred cash based payment solution

Spotify, the global market leader for on demand music streaming, has chosen paysafecard to enhance its customer service by accepting paysafecard as the preferred cash based payment solution for Spotify Premium account upgrades. With Spotify, users can stream 30 million songs to their PC, tablet or mobile phone. The premium account enables users to enjoy their music without ads, in best audio quality and to download music for off-line playback.

paysafecard instead of credit cards

By offering paysafecard, Spotify is able to attract new target groups and increase the number of premium memberships as paysafecard is particularly popular with consumers who are reluctant to use their credit card online. The new payment service is available in 27 countries across Europe as well as in Mexico, USA, Canada, Turkey, and Australia. paysafecard plans to introduce the payment option in further countries are already in place.

'Strengthening our footprint'

“One of our main targets in 2015 is to broaden our activities in our core markets. By joining forces with Spotify, a global market leader and renowned household name in the music industry, we are strengthening our footprint in a very interesting market”, said Udo Mueller, CEO of paysafecard. “We are confident that paysafecard will be a huge success with Spotify and its customers.”


Sourced from Press Release by paysafecard, January 15th, 2015
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