eMerchantPay connects with UATP for airline ticket processing

AMSTERDAM | Payment Service Provider eMerchantPay has partnered with UATP - a low cost payment network that enables corporate travel companies to make online payments to book for airline tickets. eMerchantPay is now able to offer UATP payment processing to all existing and new UATP merchants in the travel segment.

UATP processing services

eMerchantPay has successfully concluded a Participation Agreement and UATP application and is now able to offer UATP processing services. eMerchantPay will use the UATP Settlement Services (USS) to settle its transactions. eMerchantPay’s participation becomes fully effective on 29 May 2015.

Low-cost alternative to credit card

UATP's value model provides a low-cost alternative to credit card and merchant service fees while still allowing airlines to keep and build their customers' loyalty. This value helped UATP surpass USD 13 billion in sales worldwide for 2011 in the corporate travel space and produce millions of dollars in both savings and revenue for its shareholders. 

UATP has connectivity to over 95% of all Available Seat Kilometers (ASKs) and is the preferred form of payment for corporate travel in both large international companies as well as in small local companies worldwide.


About eMerchantPay

eMerchantPay is an established payment service provider that provides international online, mobile and POS payment processing services to merchants across the globe. eMerchantPay’s fraud prevention services and payment processing solutions enable merchants to increase their conversion rates, expand their customer reach and prevent fraud.

Innovative payment solutions, processing in more than 150 currencies and various languages, plus dedicated account managers providing personal service make eMerchantPay a knowledgeable specialist and an innovative partner for businesses of all types and sizes.

eMerchantPay Limited is registered as a Payment Institution with Financial Conduct Authority (FCA United Kingdom).


Payment Service Provider Profile

Article sourced from Press Release by eMerchantPay, May 27th, 2015
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