MultiSafepay launches new website

AMSTERDAM | MultiSafepay - one the leading Dutch online payment providers - launched its new website. The new website is part of the smart payment service provider’s European expansion. The website will first be launched in Dutch and in English.

Multi Langual Website

The website will ultimately support all main European languages: Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French, German, and Danish. The website has a new look, many new features, a clear navigation structure, and is more relevant for all visitors. “The professional look of the MultiSafepay website reflects our focus on the European e-commerce industry”, says Pieter Stal, CCO at MultiSafepay.



About MultiSafepay

Headquartered in Amsterdam and an international office in Spain, MultiSafepay has been a reliable partner in smart online and mobile payment services for over 15 years. In Europe thousands of online shops rely on the secure payment services, supported by local service, innovation and ease of use to help increase revenue.

Payment Service Provider Profile

Article sourced from Press Release by MultiSafepay, May 27th, 2015

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