Paymill adds PayPal to its offering

GERMANY | Paymill is teaming up with PayPal to enrich the range of payment methods offered by its online payment solution. Paymill is one of the fastest growing FinTech-Startups in Europe and now supports all major credit cards, SEPA direct debits, ELV and PayPal through one simple API.

Paymill + PayPal

Online and mobile merchants having an active PayPal business account are now able to use Paymill's API for the acceptance of PayPal transactions. The costs for merchants are 28 eurocents for using the Paymill solution and, in addition, the charges by PayPal. Paymill will take care of PayPal updates, making sure that the system is future-proof and merchants are not bothered with updates that might be time-consuming or costly.


Paymill API makes life easy for merchants

Paymill was founded in 2012 and has a clear focus on online and mobile businesses in Europe. Paymill merchants are able to integrate online payment acceptance through one simple API that also allows for customisable checkout pages and supports up to 100 different currencies to help merchants expand internationally.

“Accepting payments via multiple payment methods on a website is a hassle for merchants and often combined with high implementation and maintenance costs. The Paymill API makes it easy to manage transactions”, says Florian Kappert from the agency Videri Concept, which is helping merchants with the implementation of online shops.  


About Paymill

With the integration of Paymill, merchants across Europe are able to accept payments globally in more than 100 currencies and over 34 countries. Paymill’s developer friendly REST API lets you accept credit and debit card payments directly in your website and mobile application. The API gives full control of the checkout and can be used as a payment gateway. Thus merchants can deliver a user experience optimized for higher conversions. And with heavy-duty security measures (PCI-DSS) already built-in – you can rest easy knowing your data secured. Further more information visit Paymill's profile within our Knowledge Base.


Sourced from Press Release by Paymill, June 9th, 2015

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