HiPay powers online payments on Auchan’s and Oclio’s marketplaces

HiPay Group announced the beginning of two new collaborations, confirming the company’s expertise in processing and securing payments on Auchan’s and Oclio’s marketplaces.

Marketplace and Payment Processing

Purchases and sales on marketplaces have been booming for a few years. Almost 70% of Internet users are thus likely to have already bought via a marketplace. Auchan and Oclio (DuPareilAuMêmeGroup) are opening up to affiliated sellers too.

To comply with legislation on payment services and secure transactions on their platform, both companies have decided to rely on HiPay for its expertise and customer care. With over 12 million transactions processed every month and two licenses (e-money issuer and payment institution), the company is an important player in online payments.

Increase the profitability of marketplaces

Brigitte Azoulay, Financial Audit Director at Auchan, explains: “Implementing the solution of HiPay Group has allowed us to optimize our time-to-market in order to offer our buyers and sellers a 100% regulation-compliant environment”. Beyond ensuring regulation compliance, HiPay Group offers high value-added services to increase the profitability of marketplaces by reducing fraud and time spent on transaction management, optimizing conversion rate or fostering international expansion.

“At HiPay, simplifying transaction management for all e-merchants is in our DNA. As a trusted partner certified by supervisory authorities, we guide marketplaces with a solution adapted to their ecosystem. We manage the entire payment chain in order to let them focus on their business development”, concludes Bruno Gloaguen, COO, HiPay Group.


About HiPay Group

With over 12 million transactions processed every month, HiPay is an expert in online payments.It offers online publishers and e-retailers next generation payment solutions in order to leverage their businesses. HiPay brings added value to payment processing with specific solutions on data, mobile and international development. HiPay owns two European licenses: e-money issuer and payment institution in order to support e-merchants in all their payment needs. HiPay has offices in 6 European countries and in Brazil, and has over 125 employees. Company-Bar-CTA-1

Article sourced from Press Release by HiPay Group, September 8th, 2015

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