Ingenico ePayments division launches Ingenico Connect

Ingenico Group announces that Ingenico ePayments, its online and mobile commerce division, will introduce Ingenico Connect, an entirely redesigned set of tools for online merchants. Ingenico Connect enables easy integration with the ePayments platform, maximizes conversion with mobile optimized interfaces and provides access to one of the largest portfolios of payment methods worldwide.

The solution will first be deployed on the GlobalCollect platform and then extended to the Ogone platform in the course of 2016, showcasing synergies across the Ingenico ePayments division.

Optimized checkout experience for users, maximized conversion for merchants

Mobile commerce growth is already outpacing traditional eCommerce growth, and the consumer experience on a mobile device will increasingly determine success for online merchants. Beyond offering a wide range of preferred local payment methods, Ingenico Connect introduces new mobile interfaces specifically designed to create an optimal consumer checkout experience, whatever the device used.

Simpler and faster integration

Integrating with Ingenico Connect is made simpler and faster with a new, developer-centric integration toolkit which leverages the latest technologies, interfaces and tools that developers expect into one dedicated area, the Developer Hub.

More flexibility, more security, lower risk exposure

Ingenico Connect leverages tokenization technology to minimize merchants' exposure to sensitive card data. This drastically reduces compliance complexity and data breach liability for merchants, yet enables the kind of tailored and optimized one-click checkout experience that significantly boosts conversion.

Ultra-connected customers

"Today's merchants must offer their ultra-connected customers a consistent and seamless purchasing experience," commented Sajal Agarwal, Director of Product Marketing and Innovation at Ingenico ePayments. "Our new solution will empower all merchants to enhance the consumer experience on their payment pages so that they can grasp the opportunity to develop their online business."

About Ingenico Group

Ingenico Group is the global leader in seamless payment, providing smart, trusted and secure solutions to empower commerce across all channels, in-store, online and mobile. With the world's largest payment acceptance network, we deliver secure payment solutions with a local, national and international scope. We are the trusted world-class partner for financial institutions and retailers, from small merchants to several of the world's best known global brands. Our solutions enable merchants to simplify payment and deliver their brand promise.


Article sourced from Press Release by Ingenico Group, October 2015

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