ST. GALLEN, SWITZERLAND, December 16, 2011 — CashRun, a leading provider of e-commerce fraud management and global payment solutions, has signed a forceful agreement to become an official partner in the United States of paysafecard, Europe’s first prepaid solution for internet payments and now one of the leading alternative online means of payment.

The recently signed agreement enables CashRun merchants to offer this easy and fraud-free payment method to customers in the United States. The agreement comes merely four months after CashRun was accredited official partnership of paysafecard in Europe. “Securing a second and equally fruitful agreement ensures our portfolio further benefits from paysafecard’s leading position in the United States, and makes the full of this established partnership,” stated Justin Lie, Group Director of CashRun.

This cooperation between CashRun and paysafecard allows e-merchants reach all those customers lacking a credit card or a bank account, or those unwilling to disclose their bank details online. paysafecard has gained tremendous popularity amongst e-merchants as it drastically converts sales in an array of industries thanks to its simple use and its full protection against chargeback.

“The US is a very interesting market for online prepaid payment. The extension of the agreement with CashRun will strengthen our position in the US market,” said Michael Mueller, CEO of paysafecard group. “E-merchants, especially online games, will greatly profit from this cooperation, which enables them to reach out to new target groups who do not have a credit card or are not willing to use it online.”

About paysafecard:

The paysafecard group, founded in 2000 in Austria and Germany, operates in 28 countries worldwide with offices in Vienna, London, Lucerne, Buenos Aires, Mexico City and New York. With its successful online prepaid vouchers, the paysafecard group has established itself as Europe’s leading provider of prepaid payment solutions. In 2009 the group won awards for being the ‘Leading Prepaid Organization’ and the ‘Best Prepaid Company outside USA’. For more information, please visit

About CashRun:

CashRun was established in 2007 with the objective of supporting businesses’ needs for effective and affordable online payment solutions. Since establishment, CashRun has had tremendous success with key industries that are sensitive towards fraud, and continues to be at the forefront for solutions centering on online e-commerce. With strong global presence and partnerships, CashRun supports businesses to develop firmly their core competencies, protect as well as maximize their revenues and growth, and minimize the risks credit card fraud presents to their operations. For more information, please visit

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