Germans like to shop cross-border

GERMANY | 60 procent of all German Internet users have at least once bought abroad. Main reasons for the German online shoppers: products are not available through German webshops (85%) or a higher price (77%). The favorite countries to purchase from are the United Kingdom, the United States and China. More than one third of the shoppers has purchased goods or services at online retail stores in one of the fore-mentioned countries (37% in UK, 36% in US, 28% in China).

The results come from a representative online research conducted by Market Research firm Innofact assigned by Ebay, who presented the results today in Berlin, Germany. As main hurdle to shop and buy cross-border more than two third of the Germans indicated unclarity throughout the shopping experience (72%) and expensive dispatching costs.

Also German e-tailers were questioned about their expectations towards cross-border selling: one out of two foresee a substantial increase of cross-border purchases for the coming year. The retailers also determine high shipping costs, local taxes and legislation as main hurdles for cross-border sales to take off.

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Source:, 14.06.2012

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