QIWI Wallet added as online payment method by 2000Charge

MOSCOW | European online billing company 2000Charge has entered an agreement with Russian electronic payment systems provider QIWI to add the latter’s QIWI Wallet electronic payment system as an online payment option.


To complete a payment, consumers need to select QIWI as the payment option on the merchant's website. The transaction will immediately be carried out, transferring money from the customer’s QIWI Wallet to the store. Merchants do not have to register individually for each payment service option.


2000Charge provides this alternative payment method as part of their service offering to merchants worldwide, which includes customer support, currency conversion and reporting.


QIWI Wallet allows its users to shift funds between accounts and make payments online. The system, processing over USD 2 billion for over 20,000 merchants from more than 8 million clients per year, has multiple interfaces: web, mobile apps for all platforms, QIWI Kiosks, social networks, SMS and USSD. The QIWI Wallet electronic payment system was launched at the end of 2007. The system allows customers to make payments online for utilities, mobile phone bills, internet, online purchases and bank loans.


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