European Retail Web Sales & Growth by Industry

UNITED KINGDOM | Eyefortransport have just released a new infographic which shows shows the growth in European web sales, specific to each of 15 merchandising categories.


E-commerce is one of the fastest growing markets in Europe. Based on Centre for Retail Research findings commissioned by Kelkoo, in 2011 the European market (including UK) was worth a total of £169,880 million (€200.52 bn), up from £143,720 million [€169.63 bn] in 2010. Online retailers in only three countries, UK, Germany and France accounted for 71% of European online sales. In 2008, online sales in Europe were £101,840 million (€117.84 bn).


“The comparison of online sales for 2010 and 2011 shows some interesting and potentially surprising variation in sector growth, with sporting goods retailers, mass merchandisers and apparel retailers well ahead of the pack” said Tara Khan, Director of Research at eyefortransport, and general editor of retail supply chain resources. “This suggests that the online market is a particularly fertile revenue source for a niche sector set, but that for other industries it might not represent quite as easy a win as anticipated.”


This new graphic representation of the industry shows:


• European web sales in € for 2011 & 2010

• Growth in web sales by industry

• Graphs comparing growth per industry

• Free to download and save, share with colleagues, and send to contacts


You can download and save the map here



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