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Worldline strengthens its e-payments positioning

MUNICH - PARIS | PAY.ON and Worldline announced a strategic partnership to enlarge Worldline’s international e-payment acceptance coverage. With the partnership, Worldline strengthens its worldwide positioning to better support its merchants when operating cross-border and entering new markets and countries.

Adyen API empowering Online and In-App Payments

AMSTERDAM | Adyen launches Easy Encryption Solution, an API that enables merchants to connect directly to Adyen’s payment platform using their own payment pages. This effectively opens up access to a global market at the click of a button.

Alternative Payment Methods Show Strong Growth | CardinalCommerce Reports

CLEVELAND | CardinalCommerce reports that the alternative payment brands on their platform enjoyed a 55 percent year-over-year increase in online sales secured by Cardinal during the first holiday shopping weekend. This compares to overall online sales being up 16.5 percent during the same period, according to IBM.

PayLane launches Mobile Responsive Payment Page and in-App Payment Checkout

POLAND | Payment Service Provider PayLane expands its offering with new mobile payments solutions. PayLane provides developer codes for iOS and Android mobile apps to enable merchants to easily integrate payment methods for in-app purchases.

3scale integrates Adyen Payment Gateway in its API management platform

3scale, the leading API Management Platform for API providers, integrates Adyen’s popular payment service into its API management platform. The addition of Adyen to 3scale’s portfolio of payment gateway integrations makes it easier to manage and monetize large volumes of API transactions across continents, and payment methods. 

How to connect to Payment Service Providers and Payment Gateways?

Most Payment Service Providers offer several integration methods and ways to accept payments online. They all provide a hosted payment page, the easiest way to take payments. This allows merchants to simply redirect their shoppers and customers to the secure payment page of the Payment Service Provider. There the customer selects their preferred payment method and pays.


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