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Adyen and Braintree add Apple Pay

UNITED STATES | Adyen and Braintree have both announced the support of Apple Pay for its merchants. Apple Pay, the new payment service by Apple, was announced last week when the new iPhone 6 and iWatch were announced to the world. Adyen, one of world's leading Payment Service Providers, adds Apple Pay to its payment offering of over 250 local payment methods.

MasterCard, Visa and AMEX embed Apple Pay security into all digital transactions

BLOG | Apple Pay uses the latest payment and security technology out there to make the most elegant and secure payment experience possible. MasterCard, Visa and American Express are the ones delivering the payment technology and infrastructure to make it all happen. Their worldwide payment networks facilitate (potentially) for a global roll out of the Apple Pay payment service. But, even more important, set the future standard for secure card payments regardless device or channel used.


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