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Zapp: New Promising Mobile Payment Method for UK market

LONDON | Zapp, the new mobile payment method in the UK, using the shoppers' bank account to make real-time purchases, announced partnerships with many of the UK’s leading financial services brands to implement its innovative mobile payment service. The future looks promising for Zapp: offering simpler, more secure and efficient payments to millions of consumers and merchants.


DaoPay - Global Phone Payments More revenue - no credit card needed. Whether you are an established online business or a brand new startup, accepting DaoPay is almost certainly the easiest way for you to instantly grow your business. Although you might already accept all the major credit cards and even PayPal, chances are you are missing out on a significant number of people who do not feel comfortable sharing their credit card number over the internet because they are concerned about their privacy. Or they do not have a credit card, which is still very common in many countries and with certain target groups, p.ex. young consumers playing online games. Charging your phone bill. With DaoPay, customers can charge the purchase of your product to their phone bill. All they need is a phone - mobile or landline. They just dial a service number or send a text/SMS and without ever giving away any personal or financial information. When using "pay by call" they hold the line until the the transaction is complete. Alternatively they send an SMS or insert their mobile number on the screen and use the most convenient payment method: direct billing. Reach additional audiences. Customers enjoy DaoPay because it is so convenient and, at the same time, more secure than any other payment method. No credit cards, no bank accounts or any other contracts - just dial a number or send a text/SMS and you are all set. Adding DaoPay as a complementary payment option means you reach more people and receive more payments than with any other single payment method alone. This gives you access to new markets and additional clients. Website: Consumer portal: Facebook: Twitter:

Charge to Mobile now available as payment method for UK Windows Phone Store

LONDON | Following the success of direct carrier billing implementations with Windows Phone Store in Spain and Germany, Telefónica’s Global Payment System is now live allowing O2 customers in the UK to use ‘Charge to Mobile’ when making a mobile purchase through the Microsoft Windows Phone Store. 


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